Brownfield Development

Fore River Company began restoring historical properties and adaptively re-using industrial properties in downtown areas before “Brownfields” became a word of art.  New uses for existing infrastructure often required management of environmental issues at urban sites appropriate for redevelopment.

We have completed Brownfields projects involving new construction and renovation of existing facilities.  To remediate contaminated sites, we are able to combine environmental investigations tailored to meet regulators’ concerns with integrated remediation and building design to produce an end product which is appreciated by users, lenders, acquirers, and regulators.

We have acquired sites with industrial pasts including industrial solvent use, retail and wholesale fuel distribution, landfilling with coal ash and other PAHs, and a property with 50 years of use as a metal recycler.  We have close and long term relationships with several environmental engineering firms and have coordinated with environmental regulators through letter agreements and the more recent voluntary cleanup programs (VRAP, Brownfields).  Because we are a small organization, we can focus on opportunities generated out of the specific characteristics of each property instead of one-size-fits-all management often found in larger organizations.