Mill Renovation Projects

In 1989, together with two Camden partners, we acquired the Knox Mill in Camden, one of Maine’s last operating felt paper manufacturing facilities. At the time it was still using early 20th century machinery. The rehabilitation of this extensive facility was preceded by thorough historic research and artifact preservation, multiple layers of permits and approvals, and intricate partial demolition of some of the “connective additions.” 

After separating, restoring, and even moving some of the buildings, the site was subdivided and the units were sold to owner-users.

In 1998, we acquired Bowdoin Mill Island in Topsham, Maine and began the restoration and rehabilitation of the mill. Like the Knox Mill, this centrally located paper mill had once been the center of economic activity in the town, but had suffered from serious neglect in recent years. 

Research, design, permitting, and construction were all completed on a fast track basis and the Mill was reborn in the fall of 1999. After subdividing the site, the remaining out buildings were renovated for lease or sale to owner-users, and three pad sites on Main Street were sold to and developed by local business owners. Our final project on the island was the construction of a new 30,000 SF office building on the edge of the Androscoggin River in 2008.

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